Hello World

I’ve spent an embarassing amount of time the past two days making yet another blog. The idea is that I’ll actually use this one, especially while I’m in Lebanon.

This is probably the first time I’ve ever done the design myself. As a result, it’s heavily inspired by Alex Payne and Tate Johnson, people with way cooler websites than mine. I’m using a static-site generator called Jekyll so that I don’t have to pay my host’s dynamic site charge or MySQL charges. Posts are all written in Markdown and backed up on Dropbox. Even better, I can deploy it automatically with Rake.

I’ve tested this in Firefox 3.6, Firefox 4, various versions of Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer 8. It worked in all of those, so if it doesn’t work for you, let me know.

This probably didn’t interest you at all, but that’s okay. Soon I’ll be writing from Lebanon and I’ll have interesting things to say.

Also, I spent over three hours getting that search box to center correctly when there are next and previous buttons. It was quite pathetic.