Amman (Part 2)

Rainbow Street

Today we actually left our neighborhood, for the very first time.

Rainbow Street

We went in groups with our speaking partners to Rainbow Street and Wasat al-Balad. There's a fairly well-known market in Rainbow Street called Souq Jara that is pretty touristy, but other than that they are very sha'bi neighborhoods. Literally that means popular, but a better translation might be something like working-class.

These neighborhoods reminded me a lot of Tripoli in Lebanon. Crowded, dirty, and busy. I had falafel and hummus for the first time in Jordan from a comically cheap restaurant --- less than $1.50 for more than enough falafel and hummus.


There was also a concert by a local Jordanian band at Souq Jara: JadaL. The most surprising thing about the concert (to me at least) was that they paused the concert in anticipation of the call to prayer. It was good though. I don't instantly like them as much as Mashrou3 Leila or Adonis, but still a lot of fun. Also I think both Mashrou3 Leila and Adonis are going to have concerts in Jordan this summer, and I really really hope they're while I'm here, because if so, I am going.

view from concert

The concert was also the first time I really saw Amman as beautiful. It's a great view.

me at the concert

This will serve as proof that I'm actually in Jordan. This is also the most frequently I have ever updated my blog. Don't get too used to it, I can't promise I'll keep it up.