To Lebanon!

I may have alluded to this a few times and you probably even know this, but I'm going to Lebanon today. Awesome, right?

I'm going to be in Beirut at Lebanese American University studying lots of Arabic in the SINARC intensive Arabic program. I won't have a host family or anything like that. Instead, I'll be living in the dorms alongside the other students from the program and probably actual LAU students too.

I've never actually traveled internationally before and I've almost definitely packed more than I need, but it'll be fun and terrifying and the coolest thing ever. Barring huge delays and plane explosions, I should arrive in Beirut around 7:00pm Beirut time on Thursday. And that's where I'll be for the next fifteen weeks until December 12th.

Once I'm there and doing exciting things, I'll write about them! And post pictures!

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