This past weekend, we had an overnight excursion, this time to Trablus, the Cedars, climbed a mountain, ate comical amounts of food at a really nice restaurant, and visited the Gibran Khalil Gibran museum in Bsharri.

Tripoli through the castle window

The first thing I noticed about Tripoli, before we even got off the bus, was that Tripoli is gross as hell. I took that picture through a window in the castle, and you can sort of see the "river". It's covered in garbage. The streets are also pretty dirty and the buildings don't look all that great either.

Trablus castle

The first thing we actually visited was the castle, the Citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles. It's a Crusader castle from the 12th or 13th century, which was burnt down probably a few times and rebuilt, and later became an Ottoman castle. The inscription on the gate is an engraving from the Ottoman governor who ordered the restoration.

inscription on the gate

Phoenician tomb

There are also a couple of nice Phoenician tombs.

castle archway



castle wall

And a few more pictures of the castle before moving on. There's still an active military presence at the castle for some reason or another. Lots of soldiers and tanks.

narrow street


another souk

The souks (markets) of Tripoli were pretty neat. Lots of shoes, clothes, souvenirs, and jewelry. Walking to the markets down narrow streets like the one pictured above was eerily quiet. It's also a much more conservative city than Beirut. The girls on the trip were told to wear pants. No shorts or skirts in Tripoli. It also seemed like far more women wore the headscarf and dressed much more conservatively than Beirut.

tower in Tripoli

This tower is almost definitely significant in some way, and our guide probably told us about it, but it's been a week and I forgot.

cars in Tripoli

This is my last picture of Trablus from land. It's a dirty city.

Trablus from the boat

But not my last picture of Trablus. We went on a boat ride! Some people swam in the Mediterranean during the ride. I did not, shockingly enough.

Ruins on the sea

These ruins were on a small island in the sea. One of the only islands in all of Lebanon.


These might be the others.

Trablus by sea

This, as you can see, is the Trablus waterfront. It's much prettier than the city as a whole.

Trablus seaport

This is the Tripoli seaport, or part of it anyways. Tripoli is an old commercial city with a convenient Mediterranean location, so naturally, it has a seaport. I'll leave you with a picture of a very large ship which I thought was really cool.

ship in Trablus