Google Voice Analysis

A collection of scripts to parse and analyze Google Voice data. Currently it’s all Naive Bayes, but someday there will be more. A regular source of entertainment and nostalgia.
{ rouge8/gv_analysis }

PIG: Packet Inspection Guru

PIG is an intrusion detection system and network monitoring web application. Made by me and four other students as our senior comprehensive project, using Django and Scapy. I received distinctive honors for my personal contributions to the project from the faculty of the Carleton College Computer Science department.
{ PIG }

Futures Market

Futures market web application used by Professor David Liben-Nowell in CS108: Life in the Age of Networks to demonstrate prediction markets and the wisdom of crowds.
{ rouge8/futures-market }


A super cool search engine and web crawler for a Data Mining class. Uses Django and made by me, Dan Levy and Conrad Dean.
{ rouge8/hitsearch }

This site, which I originally made to chronicle my journey to Lebanon. Written in Markdown and generated by Jekyll.
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A surprisingly good 20 questions AI and webapp made for an Artificial Intelligence class. Uses and made by me and Dan Levy.
{ rouge8/20questions }

Other Projects

Check out my GitHub.